Perimenopause changes your everything!

For hundreds, even thousands, of years, women’s health has been neglected, but in this new, more enlightened age, the importance of women’s health has put issues like perimenopause in the front row. Now women understand their bodies better,and health care practitioners are taking women’s issues more seriously.

Did you ever hear that word before? Perimenopause…

Perimenopause is the transitional stage between reproduction and menopause. We all know about menopause. The topic may not have been discussed, but we knew even as girls something was happening and things weren’t quite “normal” anymore with some women around us. There were mood swings, cooling fans, and sweat drops on the upper lips for no apparent reasons.

This period (pardon the pun) can be a worrisome time for women. The perimenopause stage can last for a few years or even ten to fifteen years before it is officially declared you have entered menopause. The length of time depends on the individual woman. Perimenopause is to be taken seriously since the symptoms can be of great concern for many years.

During this time you are having a menstrual cycle, albeit erratic. You may have been on a regular cycle of every 28 to 30 days during your reproductive stage. Now you might get a period every 14 days or every 60 days, and then again not for 6 months. Changes in hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone can be blamed for this sketchy cycle, as well as other symptoms experienced by women who are in this stage.

7 different ways perimenopause affects the skin

Estrogen is crucial also for the normal function of your skin. It affects the function of producing collagen and elastin and the evenness of skin color. Hair production gets affected both on face (more) and head (less) as well as the balanced oil production. Sometimes you even get break outs, as if you where a teenager!

You might already se some of the signs such as:
• Dryer skin
• Less elasticity
• Fine wrinkles
• Easy to get bruises
• Wounds heal at a slower pace
• Unwanted facial hair growth
• Loosing hair (scalp)

By the time you reach menopause there is an accumulation of these aging effects. Oftentimes this is not so flattering as menopause does accelerates these skin changes due to loss of estrogen.

Punica granatum against perimenopause

Punica granatum against perimenopause

What I did was to inhibit this startling change within my body was to start taking a 100% natural supplement with plant derived estrogenic substances. Happy news is they worked! No more sweating and an overall back to normal.

The earlier you start taking them the better, just remember ALL NATURAL HERBS! Synthetical estrogen is something I’m very skeptical towards. There is no need to be that brutal to the system, we are not sick! We are only experiencing the natural Perimenopause. 😉

ps. I buy mine from Pharmanex™, click and look for Estera Phase II Women’s Transitions Formula in the web shop. ds.

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Debie Napoleon · December 18, 2012 at 10:09 pm

Hi, I too have gone thru this….and am glad to be past most of the issues.

    Stella Scott · December 18, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    Hello Debie and welcome here! With maturity we come to realize: This too shall pass! 🙂

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