Lies doctors like to tell from their faraway world

Doctors aren't always honset, but this one is!

Dr Simonson signing his book for Elvira

Doctors belong to a different world! Today I attended a fantastic lecture with. It was given by swedish surgeon Nisse Simonson. (Swedish only homepage). He is the writer of 9 books. Has hosted  30 television shows. Was chosen “Lecturer of the year” in 2006. Dr. Simonson has also been invited to some very prestigious institutions around the world. Sorry, I forgot to take notes on that.

Why are we so sick?

The topic was “Why are we so sick when everything is “fine”? Can’t be translated really, but close enough for now. This man is not only a surgeon. He works within the brain! Exactly, that IS brain surgery! 😉 He was extremely knowledgeable, and incredibly funny. Me and Elvira both laughed out loud from beginning to end. He was so refreshing and I feel energized. I also feel frustrated cause I have so much to tell you!

He has worked as a medical doctor all of his life and had some pretty gruesome stories. Not so much from his encounters with patients. No, it was more about the industries that make us sick. The life blood of the food industry is to make us dependent. The same goes for Big Pharma.

For instance he told us how research is conducted and how numbers are manipulated to make us believe medicines are good for us. Like how antidepressants are more of a hoax than anything else. He stayed at length on the issue of inflammation. It is causing so much suffering. Unfortunately not many are interested in stopping this epidemic. It has its roots in our eccessive consumption of sugar.

Doctors are being manipulated to prescribe medications for illness and disease. Conditions that could be cured with changed eating habits. With more exercise. With better sleep. With closer relationships  And other life style improvements. Doctors are lying to us! Sometimes because they don’t know better. And sometimes because then they earn more money!

Did you ever have a feeling what the doctor said, was not to be trusted? Please share your experience with doctors in the box below.

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Mike · April 2, 2013 at 8:25 pm

Big pharma is a plague
Mike recently posted…Jane McGonigal: Gaming Can Make A Better World Part 2My Profile

Jodene · March 28, 2013 at 8:36 pm

Fortunately, I haven’t needed to see a physician for any illness. But, I have been educating myself and learning a lot the past several years about the food industry and all the junk and chemicals they put in the food, Big Pharma pushing drugs that aren’t needed, new patents for drugs, the “studies” they perform to get their drugs approved, treating the symptoms with drugs with horrible side effects, the adding of fluoride and chemicals to drinking water, and on and on. In other words, I have learned enough not to trust the words of anyone. Money and power rule and people have been turned into mindless sheep who can’t or don’t want to think for themselves. It’s harsh, but that’s how I feel. I would always get more than one opinion and if had an illness or disease learn what I can about it and make my own decision.
Thank you for sharing this post with the world! 
~ Jodene

    Stella Scott · March 30, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    If only people wanted to learn about themselves and their health like you! A lot of suffering would be eliminated. I thinks its important we all talk loud and clear about this. Let’s get the word out!
    I do appreciate your lengthy reply! Many thanks Jodene, for taking the time! 🙂
    Stella Scott recently posted…Having fun!My Profile

Wendy Bottrell · March 25, 2013 at 7:22 pm

Bang on! It is time for each and every person to wake up and realize that we must take control our bodies, mind and spirit. Real food, exercise, proper sleep, are a great way to start. Thanks for the ongoing reminder Stella! 🙂
Wendy Bottrell recently posted…What about a health ribbon?My Profile

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