Do you have a nagging feeling there has to be something “more”…?

  • Do you have a coveted longing for change in your life?
  • Do you have secret dreams to fulfill?
  • Do you wish you had more time to peruse your interests?
  • Is your once exiting job getting “boring” and predictable?
  • Do you feel like you’re not getting the appreciation you deserve?
  • Have you hit the glass ceiling or are you surpassed by newcomers?

Then You Should Read This Page!

Stella Scott at Rotary

Stella Scott at Rotary

You see, It could be that joining my team is the right thing for you to do right now!

As you know from my introduction about me I have a long experience being on stage as a performer. From that I have developed a lot of knowledeg on how taking care of myself is related to my complexion, my dry skin and aging process, as a whole.

This experience differentiates me from those experts educated in institutions, oftentimes funded by brands and therefore biast.

How I’m different.

But, you might say: Stella you too represent a brand, don’t you? True, but it is a brand I choose 100% independently from anyone. I discovered from all my years of experience, what works and what in reality does not. I did not pay anyone to learn and I did not get paid. No one ever sent or sends me samples for free. And I did all my research by myself and came to my own conclusions through trial and error using my own body, my own hair and my own face. I ended up with my company because they deliver what they promise. They ARE The Difference Demonstrated. I can feel it and I can see it in the mirror every day. Big difference!

If You Have No Business Yet?

For you I have a very exclusive offer! 

Since you are here I presume you have an interest in skin care, anti aging and well being. You now have an exclusive opportunity to join me in my business and get a very special coaching program at your disposal that no one has ever had the chance to get before!

Very cute, but not true!

Very cute, but not true!

Looking good while meeting people off- or online is crucial. I have seen so many videos and pictures where there is no congruency between the picture and who you will actually meet. If you have a superbly manipulated picture of you perfectly made up, and then a video where you look completely diferent it creates a false picture of who you are. With all my stage experience and 35 years of teaching and coaching I truly have the competence to assist you in bridging that gap!

Provided you reach the Executive level within our program, I will give you 4 full hours of one on one coaching on how to present yourself visually and on video! We will work with presence, voice, colors, makeup yes, everything that will make you look and come of as a qualified professional!

But don’t fear that you won’t get to the level of Executive, where this video/image training start. Before that I have coaching to go parallel with the DMC+ training. Since I’ve helped countless people bust through their limitation and fears I have also put together a video and audio program to help you evolve as a network marketer. Issues like fear of networking, fear of success and fear of failure that can come in the way when you start a new adventure are all adressed there.

Apart from becoming an independent distributor, membership in DMC+ is mandatory for this program to come into effect.

What can I offer you?

If you desire to get involved with me, in my business, with Blogging and Online Marketing for your MLM, I’ve a few words to say:

Here is the link! Click it, fill out the form and join Anne Sieg as she explains about DMC+ and how it will benefit your new business through attraction marketing.

A fantastic partnership! 

Anne Sieg, founder of DMC+

Anne Sieg, founder of DMC+

What I did is I partnered up with acclaimed industry leader Ann Sieg. She has built a coaching system where I, her team and Ann offers you daily support trough real, person to person contact. It is for real, you will have people there responding to you within hours, sometimes minutes and giving you feedback on your progress. This is a unique approach in a world full of prerecorded webinars!

Click this link and get yourself registered for a free introduction to this opportunity. Yes, Ann and other prominent coaches will be there and do it LIVE with you!

If you you want the fastest track to success and a business that makes you REAL money… There is, without question, one single thing that makes a bigger difference in your success than anything else and that’s partnering up with the right group of people. There are very limited spots available, reserve your NOW!

When you join me you get this:

If you are anything like me, you want to have your questions answered by real people. Therefore I have some extra bonuses for you when you decide to come along with my team.


When you join DMC+
For a limited time only I will hold a monthly, 1 hour live webinar, at a convenient time for people close to GMT. Since the time difference sometimes can make it difficult to attend some of the US calls, I offer this as an extra service to those signing up in my personal group only. This will be a group call where you can ask questions in person about your work and the challenges you encounter. This program runs for 2 months directly after you join. You are of course welcome no matter where in the world you live! 🙂

When you join Inner Circle
The DMC+ Inner Circle is a much more intense program. This is for you that want real fast growth and have more time to invest in your new business. For you I will create small groups of maximum 4 people, also at convenient GMT times. These will be 45 min sessions, once a month for the following two months after you join. This is to make sure you get all the benefits of you membership! In all, IC memers will get two extra live, person to person sessions every month to ad to the DMC+ program; At no extra cost!!

Abi DMC+, testimonial 2013-02-06 15.59.06

Attend Anns webinar as soon as you can.  Here is the linka again: DMC+

Fill in the form below with: 

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • A message about yourself and how you are interested in proceeding from here on. If you have a Skype account please ad that too and

I will return to you within 48 hours!

Welcome To My Network!

ps. Remember, to get the unique Video Training you have to be a part of DMC+! ds


Matilda D Sjödell

“Stella is a true leader. She guides you in a way that gives you the opportunity to grow and be the creator of your own dreams. She never demands anything she wouldn’t, hasn’t or isn’t already doing. She leads by example and with true humbleness. Her support has been and is still priceless to me. If you want to live your life to its full potential, Stella is the one to help you achieve it.”
Matilda D Sjödell, Malmö, Sweden

Emma Fällman

“Stella manages with her intense energy and her enormous expertise to help you find that wich you have buried deep within you, big or small. And with her hearty laugh, she plays down my worst fears in no time!”
Emma Fällman, Stockholm Sweden


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