How you too can have silky and smooth skin

Smooth skin is one of the most sought after beauty features for women. Not only in the face, but smooth, silky and lush all over the body. You scrub and wax and peel and shave and brush. You put on masks and moisturizers and anti cellulites and clays, chocolates, salts and sugars. Right?

They all help, they do, but if you don’t feed your complexion from inside you will fall short. It is especially important during winter. Winter is stressful for many reasons. The cold and dry weather. The heating. The tight clothing and synthetic materials. Stressful for your complexion, but also for the rest of you. Your system doesn’t enjoy freezing! During this stressful season your body craves more nutrition to be able to keep your skin smooth and healthy.

Smooth skin

My poor thumb, smooth skin in recovery. But the nail is still shining! 😀

When I travel I bring all my nutritional supplements with me (just as I bring those little cosmetic jars), but I never manage to get all them pills into my mouth. At home I have no problems, but on the road… And then I have to pay the price! If I don’t take my 4 daily Omega3 capsules, it shows within a couple of days. My hands get hit first. They get all dry and flaky. Suddenly I have three little sores on my thumb. It’s so evident it silly! 🙂

But when I do get my Omega 3, it is the opposite. Then I have such smooth skin texture and silky touch that people gasp! What a difference som pills make! 😉

The moral of the story? Your body needs its nutritions at all times! And when you travel during winter, it wants even more of it. This is the season when you are living under the most stressful conditions of the year. Feed you skin from inside! Then pamper with all the good stuff on the outside. Give it time and you too can have smooth and silky skin all year round!

Please share the information. There are people that are looking for a solution!

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Matilda Sjödell · February 21, 2013 at 10:49 pm

Oh, I almost forgot. I also notice when taking my Omega 3s that my skin is less dry, however that takes a bit longer to lose and to rebuild 🙂
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Matilda Sjödell · February 21, 2013 at 10:45 pm

I also notice right away when I’m not eating my Omega 3s. A little spot just left of my left eye suddenly becomes sore and sometimes really red. So interesting! Thank you for sharing this information.

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