Discovery Channel covers the worlds most advanced Gentic Research

I don’t know how you feel about having a ‘crystal ball’ to foresee how you are going to age but to me, it’s evident that what I have in my bathroom pretty much tells me what is going to happen. Genetic Research in a jar will do the trick!

Watch this film on Genetic Research. The anti aging products I use every day, both as skin care and supplements are developed by some of the most advanced scientists there are. Hear them talk about their findings between 10:26-24:55.

Where to get the book on Genetic Research

Click the link to buy Joseph Changs book The Aging Myth: Unlocking the Mysteries of Looking and Feeling Young. It became a New Your Times bestseller in two weeks!

Genetic research R2

Too good to be true? No, R2 results are fact!

It is not only the evident signs of aging that are affected. Wrinkles, age spots, concentration, hair loss and the overall skin health are all affected. Amazing healing of dermatitis, lowered blod pressure, improved vitiligo, better eyesight. Yes it all sounds to good to be true, yet it is. And please remember, once upon a time the thought of talking to someone far away, while watching them on a screen was pure science fiction! 😉

If you got interested in knowing more about these products now, please fill out the form below. Do you have other questions? On how to ease eczema, fight aging or ingredients to look out for etc? Ask and I’ll be back with you shortly and do my very best to have answers for you.

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Make sure you visit the Before & After page too!

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