Different skin tones in people, should you even care?

The origin of your skin ton has a long history. Listen to Nina Jablonski Ph.D from Penn State University. Here she talks about the evolution of human pigmentation. Darwin noted that humans who lived close to the equator had different skin tones compared to them living further north. It seems he didn’t know what to do with that observation

But how does skin color affect you? What does it have to do with your health? And what should you think about to take the best care of your self?

If you want to hear Nina Jablonski talk on this issue for greater length, here is a link for you.

I totally love TED talks! It is a fantastic way to learn new things. 🙂 Anyways it does give you something to consider, right? Apart from all that social stigma, your unique different skin tone is important! Her mention of D-vitamin could make you interested in this post too. I’ll will for sure write some more on D-vitamins!

What about you? Staying in the sun, is it good or bad for you, considering what she just said about president Obama? Share below, thanks!

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Wendy Bottrell · January 13, 2013 at 8:28 pm

That makes so much sense! And I appreciate you providing the video. Thanks, Wendy

Stella Scott · January 12, 2013 at 7:13 pm

So glad to have you here Julie! It is interesting how we change perspective as soon as something becomes personal. I’m happy you can still enjoy the life giving way of the ray, by taking good measures to do so!

All the best to you!
Stella Scott recently posted…Change your life, this might be the right time…My Profile

Julie Jordan Scott · January 12, 2013 at 6:51 pm

What a great subject. I had melanoma this year so my perspective has completely changed. I must say, I love putting on 70 strength sunscreen and raising my face to the sun in the early morning. Rich information here. I am so glad I found you today via the Ultimate Blog Challenge!
Julie Jordan Scott recently posted…Drawn to Their Faces, Their Stories, Their Lives & Their Words: Loving Literary WomenMy Profile

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