Genes and wrinkles

Did you know aging can be slowed dow on a genetic level? It is true. They talk about having good genes, but all genes are good really, it is more about how they behave and how we treat them. If we are good to them they behave well. If we are mean to them they behave bad. Somewhat like ordinary people.

How do you treat them well you may wonder? Well, the obvious thing is of course to give yourself good food and enough nutritoon. By giving the genes nutrition they can change their gene expression or behavior if you will.

Did you know that after 40-60 minutes after you’ve eaten something you can measure the behavior of the gene? It is that simple!

Smoking a cigarette will create one type of response from your genes. Give them something fresh and healthy and it will behave accordingly! One apple a day keeps the wrinkle away! 😉

Along with good food I use skin care products and eat supplementation that help that gene expresson process to be even more healthy, young and vibrant. Check it out here: Click this link!

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