7 Easy Steps To Non Flaky Skin

Flaky skin bothers many! Summer is now approaching on the north part of the globe. For someone with psoriasis this is usually a good thing. But with warm weather and sunny days a new problem arises. Short sleves and bare legs are something to only dream about.

Do you have scars from itching until it bleeds? Fresh flares that make you feel ugly? Or do other insecurities dictate your wardrobe to hide unsightly flaws on the skin?

Perhaps you have a big patch on your leg. Red, scaly and painful at times. It causes you embarrassment and you wouldn’t wear shorts out in public. You wouldn’t wear shorts in your own house, around you family even.

Inside tip from a sufferer

In this video I’m giving you a few tips of different ways to use one of my favorite creams. One of them is about psoriasis. I got this particular way of using this cream from Chaterine. She uses it herself and it helps her temper the scaliness of her flaky skin. After treatment scales aren’t falling of her arms all the time. She therefore feels more comfortable wearing short sleeves.

This is how you do it in 7 easy steps:

  1. Smear the cream on your patches
  2. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes
  3. If skin is very sensitive or cracked it can sting and feel uncomfortable. (Decide for yourself if it is the right time to do this)
  4. Step into the tub/or shower and take a soft DRY washing cloth to gently rub the cream of your skin.
  5. Shower, if you use a cleanser Cathrine recommends this.
  6. Pat yourself dry
  7. Put on a thin layer of the same cream or Baobab. Fire walker is also a good option.

Do this every second or third day and summer can feel much better!

flaky skin

Summer reviles the feet. Morning and evening treatment for 4 weeks. No scrubbing, no flaky skin! Which to you prefere, left or right version? 😉

Buy the cream here!

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