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I’m your hostess, Stella Scott,  and I know I can help you!

If you are on this page you you came for a few reasons.

  • Your long for  just one day or night without itching
  • You want to feel and look “normal”.
  • The creams and treatments you use aren’t helping the way you hoped.
  • You have been using prescription drugs but are worried about the side effects.
  • You are looking for help to make your skin problems easier to deal with in general.
  • You suspect there are things you haven’t tried yet…

You know how many things you are juggling in you life. You are hoping you’ll get the tips you need in this blog that will solve your worries right now, those about eczema, psoriasis and other skincionditions while being busy working a job that asks a lot from you.

You are in the right place!

My own skin is very dry and through the years I have come across a lot of beauty, hair and skincare products. It is impossible to avoid when your work is partially based on your looks. Let me tell you; there is no pretending about how important it is to cater to your face, your hair and your overall body when you are dependent on it to earn a living.

But it is not only us with this very specialized profession, the performer, that are out on the looks for good, safe treatments and cosmetics that ACTUALLY DO WHAT THE LABEL SAYS! In fact this is an arena where everyone is involved in some way or other and especially the working  women. Why the working woman? Because feeling comfortable with yourself is of utter importance if you going to perform well!

To look good is important!

You are  in fact on stage when giving a presentation, in the boardroom or making an interview and even when you are out looking for a new job, as so many are these days. You need to look and feel your best because the competition is harsh. You are an official person in front of your congregation and as a representative of your preferred non profit organization.

Appearance has always been important and now it is so more than ever. The clock is ticking, years are passing by and your schedule is getting more and more pressed. Dealing with eczema can be extremely stressful and time consuming. Not to talk about how painful it is!

Juggling life as a working woman?

I’ll make it easy for you by sharing my experiences from almost 40 years of investigation in health and wellness. And I will do it from the perspective of your most neglected organ: Your Skin! To start restoring and protecting it and get tips for healthy, youthful skin, you should download my free eBook right away. It will put you on the right path towards a healthier looking complexion by excluding som harmful ingredients from your arsenal of moisturizers, shampoos and cosmetics . I did it, so I know I can show you how you can too!  Fill in your name and email in the box to the right and I’ll send it to you today.

Live healthier longer!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to age with all the knowledge, wisdom and experience that you can only gain from living a long life? Ad to that; feeling healthy and beautiful? So healthy in fact that it shows on you skin? To feel relaxed, radiate youth and live healthier longer! That is at it’s core what this blog is all about. Get the report today and you’ll be on your way!

I Bid You A Warm Welcome to Exclusive SkinCareNow!






Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and anything I suggest here is only to evoke curiosity about new approaches. Any creams, supplement or foods I talk about must be tried at own risk. Remember to consult a doctor or other medical advisor before changing any treatments or adding anything to your daily routines.


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